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This pandemic has brought Tandana to the brink of bankruptcy, and sales are insufficient to keep running.

Tandana is the most important project of the non-profit Fundación Libera Ecuador, an organization legally constituted in 2015 by dozens of activists fighting for the rights of nature and animals, including humans.

During the 4 years since Tandana opened, it has been a hub where human rights activism, environmental activism, and animal rights activism have taken place. Activities include banner making for LGBTIQ+ marches, fundraising for survivors of sexual violence, workshops for sexual and reproductive health as well as inclusive markets with immigrant-owned businesses and businesses owned by people who have suffered psychiatric disability discrimination. Tandana has held forums on the climate crisis, veganism, animal rights, vegan cooking, urban gardening, conscious consumption, nutrition, movie forums and has provided a space for artistic creation, such as LiberArte and TandanaFest, a bio-mural festival. These are some of the over 200 public events that Tandana has hosted.

Tandana has been a permanent meeting space for various social organizations such as YASunidos, Movimiento Animalista Nacional, Extinction Rebellion Ecuador, El Colectivo, Foodsharing Quito, PlastiCo, Zero Waste, and others. Tandana is a space of everyone and for everyone to use for activism.

The ingredients used in Tandana are locally grown by 20+ producers with the purpose of eliminating transport gas emissions, having the lowest ecological impact, and promoting a fair and direct trade with them. Additionally, Tandana is the direct source of employment of 6 people who would lose their economic livelihood if it were to close its doors.

We are asking for your solidarity and invite you to donate however much is possible for you, via PayPal, Credit Card, bank transfer to Fundación Libera savings account or directly at Tandana, through your purchases and cash donations.


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